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The London Diabetes Dietitian is here to help you to prevent or manage your diabetes and its associated complications. 

  • ​We provide professional, high-quality specialist dietetic services via face to face consultations, by telephone or a video call.

  • We create tailored dietary and lifestyle plans which are designed to meet your individual needs. 

  • Our dietary information resources are peer-reviewed, patient tested and contain consist nutritional messages.  

  • Our services are based on the most up to date research and evidence-based guidelines.

  • We offer additional dietetic services for a variety of conditions.

  • We work with several insurance companies & private medical providers e.g: BUPA so if you have medical cover please contact us to find out more about how your existing medical policy could pay our consultation fees.

  • We have patients from London, the whole of the UK and overseas.

The London Diabetes Dietitian works with you to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to make effective dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals!


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The London Diabetes Dietitian was created to give people the tools to manage the impact of diabetes on their lives.  I want to understand what your health and lifestyle goals are in order to provide you with tailored dietary advice and practical support which makes a real difference.

Hi, I'm Chanda PattniThe London Diabetes Dietitian, as a registered dietitian (since 2003) my career has spanned both the NHS and private sector working in diabetes clinical practice, research and health promotion. 

I am passionate about helping people with pre-diabetes (Impaired Fasting Glycaemia and Impaired Glucose Tolerance) and Type 2 Diabetes to manage their conditions and reduce the risk of developing long term complications. 

I translate nutrition science into understandable, practical information about food, allowing you to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices to prevent or manage diabetes by creating meaningful and effective dietary plans which you can follow for the rest of your life. 


Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Dietetics (Abbott Laboratories Research Award)

Training and Professional Development:

Type 1 Diabetes Patient Education; DAFNE                                        

Type 2 Diabetes Patient Education; DESMOND, X-PERT and Conversation Maps

Behavioral Change Skills; Levels 1 and 2

Low FODMAP diets; Kings College London

Memberships and Registrations:

Healthcare Professionals Council

British Dietetic Association

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"There is lots of different dietary and nutritional advice out there. However, dietitians are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems.


Only those registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) can use the legally protected title ‘dietitian’.


Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law and governed by an ethical code, to ensure that they always work to the highest standard."

The British Dietetic Association

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The London Diabetes Dietitian provides professional and high-quality diabetes specialist dietetic services which are designed to meet your individual needs. 

In most situations your diabetes will be managed in a GP and/or hospital setting.  In order to give you the safest and most effective dietary care we may request a referral from your Consultant or GP.

All our consultations can be offered to you in person,  by telephone or video call (Skype/WhatsApp).

Get in touch for a free initial chat.

Healthy Morning


Initial Consultation

This holistic consultation will provide a full review of your medical referral (including blood results), anthropometric assessment (height, weight, BMI and waist circumference) dietary and lifestyle assessment to provide tailored advice and a structured treatment plan with achievable goals.

We will send a full written report to your

referring health professional and send you a copy.

Type 2 Diabetes - £140.00



Follow-up Consultations

These health coaching appointments will monitor progress towards achieving your aims and provide motivation and support to implement actions.

The number of follow up appointments will be guided by your individual needs.

We will send a full written report to your referring health professional and send you a copy.

Type 2 Diabetes - £100.00

On the Scales


Our approach to weight loss is based on the most up to date evidence which recommends following a diet containing 600 calories less than what is needed by your body to maintain weight.  This should  result in weight loss at a rate of 0.5-1.0kg (1-2lbs) a week.

Initial consultation - 1 hour 

This holistic consultation will provide a full review of your:

  • Self/medical referral including biochemistry results (if available)

  • Anthropometric assessment - height, weight, BMI and waist circumference (if appropriate)

  • Dietary and lifestyle assessment

  • Structured treatment plan and achievable goals based on:

    • 5-10% weight loss targets

    • Estimated energy requirements to maintain and lose weight

    • Your calorie deficit diet to lose weight

    •  A food portion size guide 


Follow-up Consultations - 45 minutes 

These health coaching appointments will monitor progress towards achieving your goals and provide motivation and support to implement actions.

The number of follow up appointments will be guided by your individual needs.


Green Goodness


Often people with diabetes need advice regarding other health issues but are concerned about the effects any new dietary changes may have on their condition. We are able to provide tailored advice on the following topics for people with or without diabetes :

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Women's health

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General Data Protection Regulation

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

Why we collect your data:

  • We seek your consent to collect your personal data, in order to provide you with our nutrition and dietetic services.

We collect the following information:

  • Information in relation to the consent form

  • Clinical information provided by referrals from other health professionals

  • Further information you provide us during the consultations

We require this information for the purpose of:

  • Professional clinical record keeping of client information

  • Sharing information with relevant health professionals


We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place encrypted electronic systems and standard operating procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

Controlling your personal information

We will not distribute, sell or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your explicit permission or are required by law to do so.

You may request details of personal information, which we hold about you under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you would like a copy of the information held on you, please contact us.

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